Mexican mayors put border city violence blame partially on U.S.

Posted on September 29, 2010

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A group of Mexican mayors are trying to pawn off some of the blame for the massive increase of violence in their border cities on the United States.  It’s not because Americans’ demand for drugs are fueling the cartel wars, or even the claim that so many of the guns recovered from drug cartels are traced back to the United States.  No, it seems that these mayors believe a good part of the violence in their towns are due to the United States deporting criminal illegal immigrants back to the border of Mexico instead of returning the criminals back to their hometowns.

From MyFoxPhoenix:

( – A coalition of Mexican mayors has asked the United States to stop deporting illegal immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes in the U.S. to Mexican border cities, saying the deportations are contributing to Mexican border violence, reported Wednesday.

The request was made at a recent San Diego conference in which the mayors of four Mexican border cities and one U.S. mayor, San Diego, Calif., Mayor Jerry Sanders, gathered to discuss cross-border issues.

Ciudad Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes blamed U.S. deportation policy for contributing to his city’s violence, saying that of the 80,000 people deported to Juarez in the past three years, 28,000 had U.S. criminal records — including 7,000 convicted rapists and 2,000 convicted murderers. (emphasis mine)

Those criminal deportees, he said, have contributed to the violence in Juarez, which has reported more than 2,200 murders this year. Reyes and the other Mexican mayors said that when the U.S. deports criminals back to Mexico, it should fly them to their hometowns, not just bus them to the border. (emphasis mine)

So, it is not enough that American citizens have suffered from the crimes of these illegals, but we must take into consideration what is best for Mexico in trying to get these thugs out of our country?  Are you kidding me? 

What’s more annoying is that the U.S. is listening to these officials and have modified their return procedure at their behest:

ICE says it recognizes the threat posed by Mexico’s cartel-related crime and has been working closely with Mexican authorities to address it.

“Earlier this year, ICE suspended the removal of Mexican nationals with criminal records to Ciudad Juarez,” ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice said. “In addition to dedicating unprecedented manpower, technology and infrastructure resources to the border, ICE has also collaborated with Mexico to adapt its removal procedures in response to safety considerations.”

But still, even after these modifications the Mexican mayors complain:

Juan Hernandez, founder of the Center for U.S.-Mexico Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas and former director of Mexico’s Presidential Office for Mexicans, says he has spoken to the border city mayors, and they do not believe the U.S. is doing enough.

“Mexico believes that individuals who commit crimes in the United States should be prosecuted in the United States and not sent to Mexico to continue their performing of crimes,” he told

Quite a number of illegal immigrant criminals ARE prosecuted in the U.S. and have to serve their time in prison here before being returned to their home country.  Once their time is served, we send them home in the easiest and best way for OUR COUNTRY, you know, the one that suffered from the crime and incurred the expense of housing those criminals. We should be under no obligation to try and make sure that the procedure we follow to return illegal immigrant criminals has to pass Mexico’s approval short of humane treatment.  The suggestion to fly these criminals back to their hometowns is ludicrous.  We don’t need to do any special favors which cost us even more money.  After all, does Mexico reimburse us the cost for prosecuting and incarcerating all of those illegal immigrant criminals?   The answer, in a word, is no.