Crossing paths: Bin Laden goes green while environmentalists make skeptic snuff film

Posted on October 2, 2010

We live in strange times indeed.     Yesterday produced almost a Twilight Zone moment.

Perhaps in attempts to soften his terrorist image, or maybe it’s just because he doesn’t want to let a good crisis go to waste, Osama Bin Laden came out with a statement yesterday lamenting the poor disaster relief for Muslims in Pakistan after the country’s torrential flooding. What’s interesting to note is that in his statement he sounds more like Al Gore than the jihadist we’re used to hearing:      

Osama bin Laden is best known as a jihadist extremist, but he’s lately added “eco-warrior” to his resume. In a new tape posted on a terrorist website, the al Qaeda leader waves the emerald banner of ecology alongside the green battle flag of Islam.      

“Massive climate change is affecting our nation and is causing great catastrophes throughout the Islamic world,” bin Laden says, as part of an 11-minute address about disaster relief efforts in Pakistan. Global warming, according to the terrorist mastermind, has killed more people than war. (emphasis mine)      

 It seems the world’s most renowned terrorist is jumping on the environmentalist bandwagon. Does this mean he thinks we all need to reduce our carbon emissions?  What if we don’t want to “go green?”     

Coincidentally, in the western world, on the same day, a green group called 10:10 came out with a horrid video in attempts to focus the world’s attention on the issue of climate change.  The extremely graphic message from the video:  if you don’t agree to go green, you deserve to be murdered, blown up in fact.       

If you think the video is some kind of parody, you’d be wrong, at least it doesn’t come across like a parody.  After watching it completely through, there is no humorous explanation or self-barbing rhetoric at the end,  just contact information for the group.  It comes across as quite disturbing.      

The 10:10 group has since pulled the video off its site and issued a sort of apology to anyone who might have been offended. They claim it was an apparent attempt to bring climate change back to forefront using humor, which went horribly wrong.   Sorry, I watched the video (below) and I’m not laughing.       

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   The most disturbing point is the seeming closeness in proximity the 10:10 video places environmental activism to terrorism.  Terrorism is what Bin Laden practices if you don’t submit to his way of thinking.  For the 10:10 group to even joke about blowing up children for not submitting to their beliefs and “going green” is definitely over the top and a little too close to Bin Laden’s way of thought. 
There’s  a lot more commentary on the 10:10 video over at Hot Air