Dems upset fellow Dems are not sharing their wealth when it comes to campaign contributions

Posted on October 20, 2010

With many Democrats finding themselves lagging in the polls and short of campaign cash, Politico reports that some are starting to whine about the tightwads in their midst. 

Cash-strapped House Democrats are beginning to feel Scrooged by politically safe elder statesmen who won’t part with stockpiles of campaign money.

Dozens of House Democrats with no electoral worries are sitting on millions in campaign cash that could be turned over to the party to help build a retaining wall against the advancing Republican wave.

“It’s shameful that there are Democrats out there sitting on huge war chests instead of investing it in their endangered colleagues,” said the top aide to a House Democrat in one of the most competitive races in the nation. (emphasis mine)

Democratic operatives say it’s galling that fellow Democrats are complaining about the influx of interest-group money into tight races while sitting on loads of cash that could be used to combat it.

If Democrats lose their majority, those who held onto cash for future Senate bids, personal issues with party leaders or for other reasons surely will find some fingers pointing in their direction.

It only goes to show that even though Democrats believe in “spreading the wealth,” it only applies to other people’s money, not their own.

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