lllegal immigrants on the return

Posted on October 22, 2010

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Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has been claiming that it’s the Obama administration’s actions which have been driving down the number of illegal immigrants in the country.  I posted a thread a few days ago with her citing the additional National Guard troops deployed to the border as well as the increase in funding for border technology as the main reasons for the lower illegal immigrant numbers.  

But of course, the most obvious and significant reason illegal immigrants were either returning to their homelands or chosing not to come here in the first place was the flailing economy that we’ve been suffering with for the last two years.   While Secretary Napolitano refuses to give this factor its due, it seems the point is being made right in front of our eyes.  Most recently there is this story from MyFoxPhoenix which reports that now that signs of a possible economic recovery is on the horizon, illegal immigrants are coming back to the U.S.:

When the country’s economic troubles began, millions of illegal immigrants left the United States, but now it appears they’re coming back.

In 2007, nearly 12 million illegal immigrants lived in the U.S., but in 2009, the number dropped to just under 11 million.

Now immigrant assistance groups say they’re heading back to the U.S. to search for work.  (emphasis mine)

Some are going to different regions, choosing not to go to states with high unemployment, such as California.

 Secretary Napolitano and the Obama administration have been taking undeserved credit for decreasing the illegal immigrant population in the country when, in fact, their actions have had very little to no impact on the situation.