9th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear arguments over reinstating parts of SB-1070 put on hold by federal judge

Posted on October 31, 2010

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Monday, November 1, is the day we’ve been waiting for since Judge Susan Bolton put several parts of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law, SB-1070, on hold back in July.  Tomorrow the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals will begin hearing arguments on whether those parts put on hold should be reinstated.

On one side is the state of Arizona and on the other side is the federal government.  Who will prevail?  The East Valley Tribune and MyFoxPhoenix provide some background on the three judges (chosen at random) hearing the case.  Each has some personal experience with immigration issues:

  1. John Noonan – appointed by Ronald Reagan.  He “wrote a ruling last year which voided a streamlined process being used by federal magistrates in Tucson of taking guilty pleas from large groups of illegal immigrants.”
  2. Carlos Bea – appointed by George W. Bush.   He was “born in Spain and immigrated to the United States through Cuba. As a college student, he also had a run-in of sorts with federal immigration officials who said he had forfeited his permanent resident status and should be deported.”
  3. Richard Paez – appointed by Bill Clinton.  He “is the son of Mexican immigrants.”

I’d like to hope that given two of the appointees are from Republican administrations they might tend to rule in Arizona’s favor, but nothing is sure for now.  What is for sure is that regardless of the court’s ruling, it will almost certainly be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Adding an extra wrinkle to the story is the thought that the judges might even wait to make a decision until the Supreme Court rules on another Arizona law which fines businesses for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants and allows their business licenses to be revoked.  The challenge of that law to the Supreme Court was brought about by the Obama administration.  Arguments won’t start until Dec. 8 and a ruling isn’t expected until next spring.

MyFoxPhoenix.com will be live streaming the hearings tomorrow but who knows when a ruling will be issued?  Until then, Arizonans will just have to sit and wait some more.  The wheels of justice do indeed grind slowly.

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