The consequences of not taking border security seriously

Posted on November 6, 2010

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After the 9/11 attacks, a lot of attention was focused on overhauling the airline industry in order to make both passengers on the planes and people on the ground safer from similar attacks.  Cockpit doors were reinforced, air marshalls were added to flights, and the screenings to board any airplane became more stringent.   In short, the industry had been tasked to think of weaknesses in the system where terrorists could take advantage and then devise measures that would prevent such attacks.

But while our government took great efforts to avoid other attacks via the air, they ignored another glaring hole in our security: our southern border with Mexico.   Maybe the feds didn’t think terrorists sneaking into our country via the southern border was likely, or maybe they didn’t want to raise the specter of racism charges from the left which are regularly thrown about any time border security is brought up. 

Regardless of the reason, nine years later, after only feeble attempts at enhancing security on our border, the inevitable has happened, and one of the worst parts is that the government doesn’t want you to know..

 The U.S. Border Patrol has captured thousands of people they say are classified as OTM which stands for “other than Mexican.” Documents show many of them are from terrorists nations like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen. Federal authorities call those groups SIAs, which stands for “special interest aliens”.

Retired immigration agent Michael Cutler says the actual threat is being covered up. “Incredibly the government is attempting to keep the citizens like a bunch of mushrooms. Keep us in the dark and feed us a bunch of manure.” (emphasis mine)

Government officials have denied that terrorists have crossed our open border. Still, Channel 2 Action News has proof they have. Channel 2 Anchor Justin Farmer found documents filed in federal court in San Antonio, Texas, in May. They show an indictment against Ahmed Muhammad Dhakane for allegedly smuggling hundreds of people from Brazil to Mexico, then into the U.S. The federal indictment states it includes some Somalis from the terrorist group Al Shabob. Terrorism experts say the group is responsible for terrorist attacks and suicide bombings worldwide. (emphasis mine)

“To this day we do not know where those 300 Somalis are,” said Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas. “We do know they are in the United States.” (emphasis mine)

As I’ve tried to stress time and time again on this blog, border security is NOT about illegal immigration, it’s about keeping America and her citizens safe.  While the federal government has grown and intruded far beyond what was originally intended by our Founding Fathers, those in government seem to have no problem neglecting the threat we are facing by allowing our southern border to remain as porous as it is.    Protecting our citizens is a primary duty of the government, but it’s one of the biggest areas where they don’t seem inclined to do much at all.