Surprise! Suspects in slain Border Patrol officer’s death are here illegally. Updates: Fifth & sixth suspects arrested are also illegal immigrants

Posted on December 28, 2010

Color me shocked (no, not really).

Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered a couple of weeks ago in the southern Arizona desert.  At the time, the news reported that he was shot by bandits who regularly who roam the desert robbing illegal immigrants or drug smugglers.   As it turns out, the suspects arrested, who are confirmed gang members, are in the U.S. illegally:

 A federal public defender tells 9 On Your Side that all four suspects arrested two weeks ago in the area where bandits shot and killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry were not U.S. citizens.   She also revealed that one of those suspects was hospitalized after his arrest.

The FBI has not released the names of any of the suspects.  The Border Patrol turned the case over to the FBI immediately after the shooting, and since then there has been little new information.

On Tuesday afternoon federal Public Defender Heather Williams told 9 On Your Side that all four suspects arrested in the area that night now face charges of re-entering the United States illegally.

No surprise here. 

I’m still asking the same  question everyone else is. Even if the border is, as Janet Napolitano claims, more secure than ever,  is it secure enough?  It doesn’t appear to be.  Just today, a small boat with 8-10 suspected illegals landed on the California coast and the occupants fled the scene.   There is no telling who these people are.  They could be people just looking for work, or they could be more violent gang members taking advantage of our porous border to enter and hid among us.  There is also no telling what these people could have smuggled in with them, drugs or deadly weapons, who’s to know before it’s too late?

We need to do more to secure our borders before others end up paying the price Agent Terry paid.

UPDATE:  Here’s the LA Times story on the suspected illegals entering via the California coast with a picture of the boat.


The suspect who was hospitalized has now been arrested and is being held on immigration charges as well.  This makes all 5 suspects involved in this case illegal immigrants.


Another illegal is being held in connectioin with the investigation into Agent Terry’s murder.  This brings the count to six.