Michele Bachmann for President?

Posted on January 5, 2011

Michele Bachmann, MN-06

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Hmm. Looks like the Republican field may be getting bigger:

 Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, is the keynote speaker at a GOP event in the early presidential caucus state of Iowa later this month, and a spokesman said Wednesday that Mrs. Bachmann, a tea party favorite, has “not ruled out” a bid for president.

“Nothing’s off the table for her,” said Andy Parrish, Mrs. Bachmann’s chief of staff. “She’s looking forward to traveling to Iowa for the fundraiser, and you know, she’s looking forward over the next year to traveling and sharing the story of why we can’t re-elect Barack Obama as president.”

Sure, why not?  Michele Bachmann has had her moments where even those on the right have chided her for what they perceive as outlandish comments, but she’s built a rapport with a number of Tea Party folks and surely would have their support.

She also had a blockbuster fundraising record for her re-election campaign in November, so I say “go for it, the more the merrier.”  Someone with as much energy, enthusiasm, and seeming belief in Tea Party principles beats a moderate Republican like Mitt Romney (and his Romneycare in Mass.) hands down.

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