Loughner’s parents knew their son was getting worse

Posted on January 11, 2011

From KPHO:

TUCSON, Ariz. — A law enforcement source told CBS News that the parents of Jared Loughner, who is the suspect in a deadly Arizona shooting, told FBI investigators that they knew their son was becoming increasingly troubled, but they were not aware how much. (emphasis mine)

They also said they were “completely surprised” that he actually committed a violent act. The parents have been interviewed extensively by the FBI as part of the investigation into the shooting in Tucson on Saturday.

I’m trying to reserve judgement on these folks given their statement and the neighbor’s report of how upset they are over the entire incident.   I’m sure there is no way to comprehend how devastated they must be. 

But knowing their son was getting worse, it begs the question, “What did they do, if anything, to try and get him help?” Did they not think he was potential violent, even after being informed he was not allowed back on the Pima Community College campus until he had written PROOF he was of no danger to anyone?”  That is a pretty big sign that some action needs to be taken, and quickly. Did he, or his parents on his behalf, seek any type of treatment?  There is no record of him trying to get help through the public system, so that leaves the options of private counseling or doing nothing at all.   Since the investigation is ongoing, we’ll have to wait for the answers to come out. 

One aspect of the case that isn’t as unclear is whether Loughner  was provoked by an outside group (same story as first link):

The source said that one of the critical questions investigators initially were trying to determine is whether Loughner was spurred on by hate groups or pushed or directed by some other individuals or groups, but so far there has been no information that that is the case. (emphasis mine)

This seems more and more apparent as the information we do know has been reported, disappointing as it is to many on the left.

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