Murkowski confident she’ll keep her position as ranking member on committee

Posted on January 27, 2011

Unbelievable.  After losing her party’s primary and actively running against the Republican nominee in the Alaska senatorial race (and winning), Senator Lisa Murkowski will seemingly not be held to face any consequences for her actions.  Instead she’s keeping all of her committee positions. 

After being one of the most reliable votes for President Obama during last year’s lame duck session and more recently taking shots at her own party, she’s confident she not only still be on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, but she’ll get to retain her ranking position:

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski will serve on the same committees she did during the last session.

The Alaska Republican says she’s confident she will retain her position as ranking member on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Her party will make that decision.

Murkowski won re-election in a historic write-in campaign last year.

Her committee assignments, as announced by her office, are: energy and natural resources; appropriations; health, education, labor and pensions; and Indian affairs.

Murkowski says the committees’ work is important to issues facing Alaska.

It’s often said that in life the way we act teaches people how to treat us.  The lack consequences for Murkowski’s actions are teaching her to feel free and walk all over the Republican party.  If Murkowski isn’t held accountable the party shouldn’t be surprised if she continues to do more of the same.

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