Sheriff Joe’s Illegal Immigration Enforcement Posse makes its debut, arrests illegal who’s been previously deported 17 times; Update: More details on arrest of previously deported illegal immigrant

Posted on January 28, 2011

Sheriff Joe’s new posse debuted this week and includes the actor Steven Seagal. Since Monday the posse has been working on crime suppression and illegal immigrant sweeps.  33 have been arrested including one person who’ been deported 17 times

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has made 41 arrests in the first day of its 2-day crime suppression and illegal immigration sweep in the valley on Thursday.

Sgt. Jesse Spurgin said 33 suspected illegal immigrants were arrested on human smuggling charges, failure to provide ID and transporting marijuana.

Eight others were arrested for drug possession, open warrants and driving on a suspended license, Spurgin said.

Spurgin said three load vehicles were stopped.

For the last few days, deputies and posse members have conducted a large scale undercover surveillance and intelligence gathering operation on drop house activity, drug activity and human smuggling routes.

Before Thursday, they arrested 56 people — including one person who has been deported 17 times previously. More than 400 pounds of marijuana had also been seized. (emphasis mine)

17 previous deportations? With that kind of record, I’d say the southern border is wide open.


Local news is now reporting that the illegal immigrant who was arrested and had been previously deported 17 times in 8 years is a woman who is thought to have been holding 3 other illegal immigrants in a drop house along with 66 grams of methamphetamine.