Border Patrol catches illegal immigrant gang member trying to cross back into Mexico

Posted on February 1, 2011

Logo of the United States Border Patrol.

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Kudos to the Border Patrol for another job well done:

DOUGLAS, Ariz. – Customs and Border Protection officers have apprehended a dangerous gang member from Mexico who was attempting to flee the U.S.

On Jan. 19, a 25-year-old Mexican national was at a border checkpoint walking south towards Mexico. Officers thought he was acting suspiciously and stopped him for an interview.

Officers learned that the man was an illegal immigrant with an extensive criminal history and affiliations with the dangerous Latin Kings gang. (emphasis mine)

He had previously been deported from the U.S. and had multiple arrests for transporting and selling drugs.

The man was taken into custody, awaiting an appearance by a federal magistrate on charges of re-entering the country after deportation.

I seem to remember Secretary of Homeland Security just saying that our border communities are much safer than people think.  How is that possible when we have illegal immigrant gang members (you surely don’t think he’s the only one do you?) freely walking our streets?