Four days, one border point of entry, $10 million in drugs seized

Posted on February 3, 2011

It isn’t just pot the cartels are trying to smuggle in across our southern border either:

NOGALES, Ariz. – Federal officials say inspections of inbound vehicles and people passing through the Nogales Port of Entry led to the seizure of $10 million in illegal drugs including cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection said that between Friday and Monday federal agents seized almost 10,000 pounds of pot and 104 pounds of cocaine hidden inside vehicles and strapped to travelers’ bodies.

Authorities arrested a 15-year-old boy from Nogales, Mexico, Friday with more than two pounds of methamphetamines strapped to his waist.

Although pot was just one of the types of drugs seized at the border this last weekend, it remains the most common drug brought in to the country.  The Arizona Department of Public Safety had a record pot bust last week after a cattle truck was pulled over for an equipment violation.  Over two tons of pot (4,535 pounds)  was found  among 68 head of cattle.  Before that bust, their record seizure was a load weighing 4,100 pounds.