Napolitano invites Congress to border

Posted on February 10, 2011

This is an awesome idea:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has invited members of the House and Senate leadership to visit the U.S.-Mexico border and see the White House’s latest efforts to curtail drug and weapon smuggling and illegal immigration.

Napolitano said the trip, proposed for some time this the spring, would allow the lawmakers to see for themselves the increased levels of security and safety that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has created along the southwest border.

Lawmakers and local politicians in the southwest border region have criticized Napolitano and President Obama over the past two years for not doing enough to secure the border, saying that the uptick in Mexican drug cartel violence is trickling into the U.S.

But Napolitano says the border is the safest it has been in recent years. And the former Arizona governor defended the steps the administration has taken, saying that the confiscation of illegal goods increased across the board in the last fiscal year as compared to the previous year.

I’m all for this idea.  In order to get a good grasp on the administration’s “progress,”  let’s send congress to the border.

I would suggest a firsthand tour of a rancher’s property on the border, in the dark of night (say 3 am?), unarmed and unannounced.  Then, and only then, could these representatives get a full appreciation of how much progress has been made. 

Or, if they don’t want to travel that far south, maybe they could visit those closed off federal lands sporting the new warning signs about “human and drug trafficking” in the area . 

Maybe they should visit the spot where Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed by suspected illegal immigrants (who have since fled back into Mexico), and where 6 other illegals were arrested at the same time, but found to have nothing to do with the shooting. They were just coincidentally in the neighborhood. 

Let them visit the border. Let them go at night, in total darkness, unarmed and unescorted.  I’m sure they’ll be impressed by the administration’s progress.