Falcon lake shooting case now has four suspects identified in Mexico

Posted on March 2, 2011

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I wrote about this story  and issued many updates back in October 2010 when the incident happened.  After Tiffany Hartley headed back to Colorado it looked like the case may go unsolved. 

Now there are reports that thanks to “informants,” a total of four suspects have been identified:

ZAPATA COUNTY, Texas (NBC) – Two more suspects have been identified in the deadly shooting of an American tourist on Falcon Lake .

David Hartley was allegedly shot while Jet Skiing with his wife, Tiffany, last September.  They were sightseeing on the Mexico side of Falcon Lake. 

According to Tiffany, three boats approached them, and the men in the boats began to fire. David was shot in the head.

Since the attack, law enforcement officials have questioned her story.  That is until last month, when informants helped them identify two new suspects.

Police have not released their names, but they are reportedly known drug traffickers. That brings the total number of suspects in the case to four.

It would be good news, but the four suspects are only identified and not actually in custody.  The police’s ability to capture them and bring them in to face charges awaits to be seen. 

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