They’re here…..”Al-Qaida Allies Believed to Have Been Smuggled into U.S. Through Texas”; Update: Somali smuggler gets 10 year sentence

Posted on March 28, 2011

This is not the kind of news you want to hear, but it seems to have almost been inevitable with the porous nature of our southern border:

SAN ANTONIO – Al-Qaida allies made their way through Texas.

According to reports, federal officials believe members of East African terrorist groups were smuggled into the U.S.

Officials say a Somali man helped them get through Mexico and Texas. The man, Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane, is now in custody.

Dhakane was arrested in Brownsville on immigration charges back in 2008.

Authorities say they believe Dhakane helped “violent Jihadists” slip across the border, but they don’t know where they are now. (emphasis mine)

Dhakane denies the allegations and hasn’t been charged with those crimes.

This development adds to the Border Patrol’s claim that Janet Napolitano is clueless when she says our border is safer than ever before.


Today, Dhakane received a 10 year prison sentence for lying on his asylum application when he denied having any terrorist ties.  Although he is now going to prison, who knows how many jihadists he helped smuggle into the country and where they are now?