Mexican cartels plot to shoot I.C.E. agents and Texas Rangers

Posted on March 31, 2011

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As Janet Napolitano continues to do her best Baghdad Bob impression by repeating the tired meme that “the border is safer than ever before,”  we can easily say that isn’t the case:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Texas congressman says Mexican drug cartel members threatened to kill U.S. agents working on the American side of the border this month.

Rep. Michael McCaul said Thursday that a law enforcement bulletin was issued this month warning that Mexican gangsters were overheard plotting to kill Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and Texas Rangers stationed along the border. McCaul did not identify which cartels or what agency issued the bulletin.

The bulletin warned of a plot to shoot at the agents with AK-47 assault rifles from the Mexican side of the border into the U.S.

Maybe Secretary Napolitano is speaking of our border with Canada?

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