Inmate attacks guard so he can stay in prison

Posted on April 26, 2011

Map of Arizona highlighting Pinal County

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The jello must be fantastic, don’t you think?

No, not really. It’s the fact that this guy has had a contract put out on him by Mexican drug cartels for being a “snitch” that makes him want to stay put right where he is. 

So what was his brilliant plan?  Attack a guard (breaking his nose in the process) and voila, more jail time to remain safely locked behind bars:

FLORENCE, Ariz. – A Pinal County inmate who refused to leave jail remains in custody after authorities say he assaulted a detention officer.

A sheriff’s office spokesman says 26-year-old Alexandro Guerrero of Yuma had been ordered released from custody after serving time for an outstanding failure to comply warrant.

Guerrero allegedly punched and kicked a guard. Help eventually arrived and the detention officer was able to get Guerrero under control.

The sheriff’s office says Guerrero told authorities he wanted to remain locked up because he feared drug cartels would track him down and kill him for being a snitch. (emphasis mine)

It bears noting that this inmate was to be released in Arizona, not Mexico.  However, Mr. Guerrero knows that the cartels’ reach into the United States from Mexico is real and it can be deadly.  That threat is so real that he attacked a law enforcement officer to avoid being put back out on the streets, the same streets where the rest of us go about living our daily lives.

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