Possibility of changing Ethnic Studies classes classification to an elective prompts Tucson students to shut down school board meeting

Posted on April 27, 2011

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Apparently what they’re teaching in the Tucson Unified School District  “Raza studies” classes is that if you don’t like something, bully those with whom you disagree. 

Last night the district school board was scheduled to hold a meeting to vote on whether Raza classes such as Mexican American studies (which can be taken IN PLACE OF U.S. History) would be changed from a core curriculum class to an elective.  They weren’t voting on eliminating the classes altogether, just making them electives, but judging by the reaction from the students (video at link)  you’d think the classes were being cut entirely:

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – Students supporting TUSD’s ethnic studies program stormed a board room just minutes before the school board was to take up a controversial proposal Tuesday night, forcing cancellation of the meeting.

The proposal, by board member Dr. Mark Stegeman, would allow the district to offer the embattled program as elective courses. Currently Mexican American studies can be taken in place of U.S. history as a required core class.

About 15 minutes before the board was to discuss the proposal, students ran in with chains, and tied themselves to the board members’ chairs. They then closed the doors and began chanting.  Supporters ran to chant with them.  So instead of letting the Board vote, the students forced their own agenda.  The protest went on for hours.

Under Stegeman’s resolution, only Mexican-American Literature would count as a core credit.  Other subjects under Raza Studies, like social studies and history, would count as electives.

After the meeting was cancelled, there were a number of happy people including one of the protesters who said this (video at link):

“Chains. This is the effective way to do it,” one high school student declared as he rattled his chains in front of a 9 On Your Side camera.

Chains, really?  So the taxpayers, who fund the public school system, are supposed to succumb to the wishes of high school students who think they can determine which classes should be included in the core curriculum?  Isn’t that like the inmates running the asylum?  Sorry, high school students aren’t qualified to make those kinds of decisions. 

There was one school board member who was impressed with the protestors’ organization, though.  It was none other than Adelita Grijalva, Raul Grijalva’s daughter.  Why am I not surprised?


Breitbart.tv had a YouTube video with coverage :

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