Undercover agent claims Hezbollah is setting up operations near U.S./Mexico border

Posted on May 5, 2011

From 10 News in San Diego:

A terrorist organization whose home base is in the Middle East has established another home base across the border in Mexico.

 “They are recognized by many experts as the ‘A’ team of Muslim terrorist organizations,” a former U.S. intelligence agent told 10News.

 The former agent, referring to Shi’a Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah, added, “They certainly have had successes in big-ticket bombings.”

This deep undercover agent claims that in exchange for their expertise (firearms & explosives training, tunnel building), the Hezbollah operatives receive cash which they send back to Lebanon to finance operations there.   The long-term goal, he states, is the radicalization of Muslim communities in North America.

Click on the link above to read the entire article and watch the video of the interview.

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