Illegal immigrant “allegedly” robs and rapes store clerk after he was given orders to leave the country

Posted on May 22, 2011

An illegal immigrant who had been given orders by a judge to go home chooses to ignore that order and continue to stay here illegally……my, what a surprise.  If this guy would have been forcibly deported instead of let off the hook with orders to leave whenever he felt fit to do so this wouldn’t have happened.

From 10 News in San Diego:

VISTA, Calif. — An 18-year-old man accused of robbing and raping a store clerk at her North County workplace and stealing her sport utility vehicle pleaded not guilty Friday to eight charges, including kidnapping for purposes of a sexual assault.

 Hugo Elmer Garcia, who is in custody in lieu of $2 million bail, faces 69 years to life if convicted, said Deputy District Attorney Jodi Breton.

This man “allegedly” cased the convenience store where the woman was working, went inside, robbed her at gunpoint, and then took her in the back of the store where he raped her as well.  After raping the clerk, he stole her SUV and fled.  Police later found him because he tried to rob two other women about four hours later.  One of them fled and called the police.   All three victims identified the man as the suspect.

Why do immigration judges continue to release illegal immigrants on the hopes that they’ll actually follow their deportation order and not continue to stay here illegally?  Apparently, we don’t have enough room at the inn:

Former U. S. Attorney for San Diego Peter Nunez told 10News he wasn’t surprised after learning Garcia allegedly ignored the ICE order.

 “When they’re ordered deported, we don’t have enough detention space, so they release many of them, either on bond or on their own recognizance. Tell them you’ve got four months or two months to depart and if you’re here illegally, you’re not likely to comply with that order,” said Nunez.

 Nunez added, “It is an overall symptom of the mess of our immigration system. This is just one more sort of jab in the ribs, demonstrating how screwed up we are and have been for decades.”

It’s time to either speed up deportations in tandem with securing our border or build more holding facilities so incidents like this don’t happen again.