Supreme Court upholds Arizona’s employer sanctions law

Posted on May 26, 2011

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The score now stands: Arizona 1, ACLU/Chamber of Commerce 0. 

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court has sustained Arizona’s law that penalizes businesses for hiring workers who are in the United States illegally, rejecting arguments that states have no role in immigration matters.

By a 5-3 vote, the court said Thursday that federal immigration law gives states the authority to impose sanctions on employers who hire unauthorized workers.

The decision upholding the validity of the 2007 law comes as the state is appealing a ruling that blocked key components of a second, more controversial Arizona immigration enforcement law.

The “second, more controversial Arizona immigration enforcement law,” is SB-1070 which is itself making its way through the court system

The Supreme Court’s vote on the employer sanction’s law fell along the typical conservative/liberal lines with Kagan abstaining since she actually worked on the case as President Obama’s solicitor general.

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