The Latino alternative to the Tea Party? It’s the Tequila Party! Update: Group’s speaker says American are abusing Latinos

Posted on May 31, 2011

Nope, this isn’t a joke.

Apparently looking to cash in on a little of the Tea Party movement’s success, a group of Latino’s are forming their own grassroots organization.  Kicking off in Tucson, Arizona is the “non-partisan” Tequila Party whose stated main objective is to get out the Latino vote:

TUCSON – The National Tequila Party Movement will be kicking off in Tucson this Saturday with a political rally and a Latin Get-Out-the-Vote event.

The Tequila Party movement “is a national tour of concerts, events, dinners and rallies that will encourage a massive Latino Get Out The Vote,” according to a release from the group. “This movement is a non-partisan movement.”

The event will include speakers such as immigration activist David Morales and Arizona State Senator Steve Gallardo, as well as Mariachi, Aztec Dancers and artwork featured by local Latino artists.

Non-partisan?  That’s hard to believe given their two featured speakers are an “immigration activist” and a Democrat state senator.  

Regardless, I guess the Tea Party Movement should be flattered.  After all, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?


I’m not too sure how much support (or donations) the speaker for the group is going to get from his fellow Americans when he says things like this:

As for the controversial name, The Tequila Party?

“If you abuse it obviously that’s kind of what Americans have done to tequila, which is kind of what America is doing to Latinos” said Morales.

Abusing Latinos, really?  Non-partisan?  Not. So. Much.

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