Mexico asks Texas to lighten up on those nasty border travel warnings

Posted on June 8, 2011


Mexico is asking Texas to let up on those pesky travel alerts which make their country look so dangerous that it ends up discouraging American visitors from going south and spending their dollars.  In a nutshell, it seems Mexico wants Texas to stop speaking truth to power:

 Mexico is asking Texas authorities to tone down travel warnings that broadly discourage tourists from crossing the border because of violence.

The head of Mexico’s state-run tourism board on Wednesday was in Austin to meet with Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade and law enforcement officials. Mexico wants Texas to stop portraying the entire country as unsafe in travel bulletins.

A spring break advisory in March cautioned Texans against traveling even to popular resort areas such as Cancun because of crime.

Of course Mexico admits travel to such cities as Ciudad Juarez, right across the border from El Paso, TX is looney given the recent report of 9000 drug cartel members populating the city,  all of whom, apparently, have been armed with American guns, don’tcha know.   Amazingly some of those guns and weapons can’t even be purchased in an American gun store, but that’s altogether a different story

But if you avoid Ciudad Juarez , the head of Mexico’s tourism board says travel to those well known resort towns of Acapulco  and Cancun are still fine……..

It looks as if the tourism head might be Mexico’s version of Baghdad Bob.

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