Dress like a drug trafficker; it’s all the rage

Posted on June 11, 2011

It’s both sad and sick at the same time.

MEXICO CITY—”Narco Polo” is the new fashion trend sweeping lower-class neighborhoods in Mexico, inspired by seven high-ranking drug traffickers who were arrested over a three-month stretch wearing open-neck, short-sleeved jerseys with the familiar horseman-with-a-stick emblem.

The polo shirts are becoming ubiquitous in street vendors’ stalls from the drug-war-ravaged state of Tamaulipas to the cradle of Mexican drug trafficking, Sinaloa.

Demand is so high that a Mexico City street vendor named Felipe stocks several colors, and names them after the drug lord who was wearing that color at the time of his arrest.


The shirt is becoming so pervasive that it provoked public grumbling from Sinaloa Gov. Mario Lopez Valdez.

“Now you see how these shirts like La Barbie’s have become the fashion,” said Lopez Valdez. While he didn’t suggest an outright ban, he told a local radio station that “I think we have to close off everything that promotes criminal behavior.”

He complained that the fad glorifies traffickers.

“Many young people want to emulate them as idols in some way … and they want to be drug traffickers. And there are a lot of young girls who want to be the girlfriends of drug traffickers.”

Emulate a drug trafficker or the girlfriend of a trafficker?  Good grief.  How are these monsters, who are responsible for the deaths of so many Mexicans, held up in any regard at all?

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