Illinois prison in need of underwear bailout

Posted on June 29, 2011

One of the more amusing stories I’ve read lately.  Apparently, due to harsh economic circumstances in the state of Illinois, prisoners are stuck wearing the same pair of underwear for days in a row because the state is too broke to buy new ones:

A watchdog group is raising concerns over hygiene at a state prison after finding that inmates must wear the same underwear for several days. Prisoners at the Taylorville Correctional Center complained about having to wear dirty underwear and socks for at least half the week, according to a recent report by the John Howard Association, which blamed state budget cuts and overcrowding at prisons. Inmates also said the boxers they received from the prison often had stains and holes, the report said.


Maybe the Taylorville Correctional Center should contact Sheriff Joe out in Arizona to see where he gets his inmates’ cheap pink underwear.  At this point I’m betting the Illinois inmates would prefer pink undies to “stained” ones any day of the week.

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