Illegal immigrants being abused by their employers….in Europe

Posted on July 7, 2011

European Union

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Would you believe that illegal immigrants are being abused by their employers? Some have been abused sexually; others are forced to work outrageous hours for little pay, and still others have been beaten.  Horrendous, yes?  Well, welcome to life of some illegal immigrants in Europe:

VIENNA – Illegal immigrants working as domestics in the European Union are often subject to beatings, sexual abuse and overwork while being paid a fraction of what they would be entitled to if employed legally, an EU agency reported Tuesday.

The Vienna-based EU Fundamental Rights agency interviewed 72 people working illegally in 10 EU nations. It described the accounts it heard as “chilling.”

“Migrants in an irregular situation employed in domestic work are at heightened risk of exploitation and abuse, including sexual abuse,” the report says.


Quoting unidentified victims of exploitation, the report outlined a broad category of direct and indirect abuse, ranging from sex forced upon illegals by their employers to serious illness caused by physical and mental stress.

“Without going to bed with her, he would not give her any work,” one of those interviewed said of a friend working for a man who employed illegal workers for his dry-cleaning business. Another, working as a cleaner, told of being stalked by her employer, who would end up “at nights in front of my door.”

 The illegals interviewed for the report worked in countries spanning across Europe, from Spain to Greece, Sweden to Italy, and most of the countries in between. 

So much for that whole Europeans are so much “more cultured than Americans” meme.  Do Europeans of culture think that sexual abuse is acceptable? Oh wait, scratch that, I forgot all about Roman Polanski.

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