It’s a monkey invasion!

Posted on July 8, 2011

A little humor…

First, they learn how to walk through automatic doors. Then, the  next thing you know is they’ll be asking their bigger, badder relatives to lock us up in cages.

If  you’re ever in New Delhi and have to go to the hospital, you might want to check under your doctor’s mask to make sure he’s human:

Doctors at the flagship All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi said the horde of red-bottomed rhesus macaque monkeys – who have roamed the sprawling campus for decades – had figured out how to let themselves into wards through motion-censor doors.

The compromised wards include the neurosurgery department and nearby patient recovery rooms, which the monkeys often invade, snatching food, terrorising medical staff and playing around with sensitive equipment.

They also creating bedlam outside one of the operation theatres, and when chased away by the hospital security staff hide themselves in the false ceiling only to re-emerge when the coast was clear to continue their chaotic activity.

Now how exactly would you expect a “flagship” hospital to deal with this problem?  If you said, “Get more monkeys!”  you get a gold star:

AIIMS spokesman Y K Gupta, said that the hospital had hired two grey langurs – another larger breed of monkey = to chase the marauding macaque monkeys away from the wards and residential areas.

Unfortunately they’ve had little success with the security guard monkeys given that many visitors associate monkeys with a Hindu god and bring food to the pesky little buggers when they visit the campus.   Since catching or killing these monkeys is strictly a no-no, the last refuge seems to be constructing wire cages to keep the monkeys out of sensitive places:

Over years all of AIMS’ windows had been fitted with wire meshing after patients surfaced in post-operative wards only to find a monkey sharing their bed or playing with their glucose or blood transfusion drip.

These emboldened monkeys also attacked doctors and nurses in hospital corridors and instances of them trying to run away with new born babies have also been previously reported.


Tough wire meshing also stretches across the windows of the Indian army chief’s office to protect the head of the world’s third largest and nuclear-armed military from monkeys.

Ironically enough, it looks as if the monkeys have already successfully forced these people into wire cages.

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