Latest Congressman to be involved in a sex scandal: Democrat David Wu

Posted on July 23, 2011

It’s sad to say, but it seems that politics just isn’t politics without some sex scandal in the mix.  Just recently we’ve had Rep. Anthony Weiner make a spectacle of himself (in more ways than one if you count his twitter photos) and former California Gov. Schwarzenegger fess up to an extramarital affair which resulted in a child over a decade ago.  Add to that Larry Craig, Eric Massa, Elliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Mark Sanford.  All of these politicians have been involved in some kind of sex scandal, and all are just ones from recent memory. I’m sure the list is longer than even I can imagine.  Truth be told, sex scandals are part and parcel of politics these days. I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore when another one erupts, but somehow I’m always at least a tiny bit shocked.

The latest politician to throw his hat into the sex scandal ring is Democrat David Wu from Oregon.  You know who he is.  He’s the Representative who claimed that he dressed up in a tiger costume   to play with his kids. Sadly, he thought he looked so good in that costume that he sent a pic of himself  to his staff.  That, along with some other strange behavior, was enough to send his staff running for the exits.

Mr. Wu’s latest antics involve an alleged unwanted sexual encounter with the daughter of a “longtime friend and campaign donor.”    Ew.  Kinda Creepy.  It’s a typical he said/she said situation, and he claims it was consensual.  My personal opinion on the matter is that it’s still somewhat distasteful to be involved with a friend’s daughter, even if it’s consensual.

To make matters worse is that  this so-called “woman” reported as being the recipient of Wu’s advances graduated from high school in 2010.  That would make her what? 18, maybe 19? Yes, that’s definitely a stomach turner.  Adding bonus points to the nausea  factor is the realization that this girl’s parent has been a “longtime”  friend of Wu’s and therefore, Wu must have known her when she was younger, perhaps much younger than her present age of consent.  Anyone else getting an uncomfortable Woody Allen vibe here?

Wu’s press secretary said there will be a statement issued on the matter.  It should be interesting given that similar charges were leveled against Wu back in the seventies.  Can it be purely coincidental that something like this has happened again?

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