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White House immigration summit, Brewer not invited

April 20, 2011


As the governor of a southwestern border state which is currently suing the U.S. government for failing to secure that border, you’d think Jan Brewer might get an invite to Tuesday’s immigration meeting with the President as a way of extending an olive branch in proof of searching for a “bipartisan” solution to our immigration […]

Obama’s war on the Chamber of Commerce; Update I: No letting up by the White House; Update II: Source of unfounded Chamber of Commerce rumor

October 10, 2010


No doubt by now you’ve heard the latest war cry from the left, led by the White House:  the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) is using foreign money to “buy” our elections in favor of Republicans.  While there is no proof whatsoever behind this claim, it hasn’t stopped the left from pushing the message into the […]

Blog News of Note —September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

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  News stories and commentary not to be missed:   Associated Press via Breitbart:  Americans’ wealth fell in spring as stocks tanked. Trolling for dollars: Stunner: Congresswoman wheedles lobbyist for money (at Following the trail blazed by Charlie Crist, Lisa Murkowski, after losing the Alaska Republican party nomination for Senate to TEA party favorite Joe Miller, […]

Walking a fine “green” line. White House turns down offer of solar panel. Update: President Obama agrees to install solar panels on White House

September 12, 2010


Given how much the Obama administration likes to tout its “green” bona fides you’d think they’d be open to putting at least one solar panel up on the White House roof.  Especially one that has some history connected to it. But it seems that isn’t the case.  From the New York Times:  Bill McKibben, an […]

White House Warns Democrat Strategists to Stay Off Fox News

November 6, 2009

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I guess Rahm and David’s proclamation that Fox News isn’t a real news channel, trying to keep Fox News out of the pool feed, and trying to deny Major Garrett (Fox reporter) an interview with the “pay czar,” haven’t reaped the rewards the White House was seeking. Now, they are telling Democrat strategists to stay […]